Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.   -(Dt 16:17)

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1 - How is your present occupation going for you?
2 - What is your family or community living situation like for you?
3 - Please describe your personal/relational prayer as best you can, giving a specific example of a recent time of prayer. How much time do you pray daily?
4 - What reasons do you have for wanting to make the retreat at this time? Tell us why you feel the Lord Jesus is calling you make this retreat?
5 - What desires, expectations, and hopes do you have for this retreat? What fears or concerns?
6 - Are you presently involved in regular spiritual direction? If so, how long have you been in direction, and how often do you meet? Has it been helpful? What specifically has been helpful about it?
7 - Do you foresee any health difficulty, whether physical or psychological, during this extended period of intense prayer? Do you have any special needs? Have you been on an antidepressant or other medication during the past three years?
8 - Are you in psychological therapy right now? If so, have you spoken with your counselor about making the retreat, and considered the intensity and deep inner work it will require? Is your counselor acquainted with the Spiritual Exercises? What is your counselor’s professional opinion about you making such a retreat at this time? (All of this information will be kept confidential.)
9 - List the dates and types of retreats you have made in the past (including their duration).
10 - Realizing that this application form is for the purpose of enabling us to determine your readiness for making the retreat at this time, according to our prayerful decision, are you willing to accept either a yes or no answer? (In Ipso staff will review the applications together in strict confidentiality. You may be asked to come for an interview. Non-acceptance may not be taken personally! In case of non-acceptance the deposit will be fully refunded.)
11 - Do you understand that this retreat will mean meeting daily with your director, and praying for extended periods each day on the subject matter agreed upon with your director? Do you have any reservations about this?